If you a running a business, then you probably know the benefits of SMS marketing. SMS marketing is standard among business owners due to the highly open customers or audiences and succeeding promotions because they are delivered to many customers via mobile phones that they carry all day. Most people open a text message that they have received.

If you are a business owner and would like your SMS marketing strategies to kick off well, consider the below practices. Textedly will teach you some of the things that you would consider regarding SMS marketing.

Get permission

When it comes to SMS marketing, some etiquette and rules should be followed. One of the rules states that you should send a text to someone who has permitted you to do so. As a business owner, be sure to local laws concerning sending a consumer an unwanted solicitation. To lure your customers into receiving an SMS concerning special offers or a new product, you could ask them to send a keyword to a mobile number before receiving the texts.

Be clever and obedient

Once your customers have conveyed interest in your business, do not take advantage of this. When sending an SMS as you are marketing your product, be brief and engaging. Provide an offer they can’t say no to or something that will be of benefit to them. If you don’t strike right, you risk losing some of your users. If you are selling something and are doing it properly, users are likely to give you attention.

Associate the precise keywords with your business

To add to that, text messages should be brief and straight to the point, select the appropriate keyword, let’s say a word that your customers will text to the shortcode provided by you to stay connected.

Have a conversation and respond to your users

These text messages are not just a way of marketing. They are also a way of connecting and having a conversation with your users. The text messages give your users a chance to review your products and what you should improve on. Here, users will help you know much they like your product when they would like to purchase; this way, you will have a conversation with them. Nowadays, there is an autoresponder that follows up on text messages.


SMS marketing has evolved over the years. Textedly is among the best texting companies that we have. They offer services that are amazing to use and plans that are affordable to many. SMS marketing works for both smartphones and non-smartphones. It all depends on the technology behind the message.