Nonsurgical rhinoplasty, also known as liquid rhinoplasty, is a procedure that alters the shape of your nose using dermal filler which can last up to 6 months. This is procedure is most suitable for those who are aiming to smooth out their nose bumps or to make it appear less angular but not yet ready to undergo a permanent solution. Moreover, liquid rhinoplasty is ideal for people who are worried about the recovery time or risks demanded by a traditional rhinoplasty.

Cost of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure hence it is not covered by insurance. There is no medical reason that causes this procedure to be recommended by doctors as opposed to surgical rhinoplasty. Costs differ depending on the selected provider, quantity of needed injections, and preferred kind of filler. A detailed breakdown of the costs should be given after your consultation by your provider to let know what to expect.

How does liquid rhinoplasty work?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty make use of dermal filler, such as hyaluronic acid, to alter your nose shape. The injectable which is gel-like is inserted under the skin area to generate smoother volume or lines. Occasionally, Botox is also exercised. The derma filler ingredient sets into the injected area of your deeper layer of the skin and maintains its shape. Liquid rhinoplasty can alter the appearance of your nose temporarily and the duration depends on the ingredients used, your desired result, and your skin. In contrast to surgical rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty’s procedure is fairly simple. The overall process can take from 15-45 minutes including the consultation and injection of the filler.

Target Areas

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty targets the side, bridge, and nose tip. To modify your nose shape, fillers can be injected throughout any part of it. Liquid rhinoplasty is ideal to:

  • add volume to your nose
  • smooth out your nose’s small bumps
  • lift your nose’s tip
  • make your nose’s tip more prominent

Moreover, if your nose bridge has mild prominent bumps, it can conceal the bumps and smooth your nose profile contour. This procedure will not give your desired result if you wish to smooth out extremely prominent bumps or make your nose look smaller.

Side Effects and Risks

The only side effects of nonsurgical rhinoplasty, for most people, are a little sensitivity and redness in the injected area after 1-2 days of the execution of the procedure. Some possible side effects are:

  • swelling
  • nausea
  • bruising at the injected area
  • filler migration

The nose is one of the sensitive areas of the body. It is near to your eyes and loaded with blood vessels. This is the reason why the procedure is slightly more complicated compared to other kinds of procedures that use injectable fillers. If you experience the following complications, contact your doctor immediately.

  • blurred vision
  • hives or allergic reaction
  • fever
  • bruising or redness that gets worse or spreads

Your doctor will instruct you with the after-treatment of the procedure and the result should be noticeable within 1-2 weeks.