Muscle weakness is one of the debilitating conditions that may be related to back pain. If you’re suffering from one of these conditions, you may wonder whether spinal treatments can help you to get back to your regular life. This article will discuss the benefits of spinal treatments.

When should you see a spine surgeon?

You should see a spine surgeon if you are suffering from muscle weakness, numbness in your hands, numbness in your legs or any other type of condition that may be caused by an underlying spine condition. You should talk to a spine surgeon as soon as you suspect that there is a problem. Addressing it early will give you more treatment options and prevent unnecessary pain.

Specific Treatment

Spinal treatments are done in response to a diagnosis, so doctors usually get to the underlying cause of your problem. Your surgeon will talk with you about the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Your surgeon has extensive experience and training in spine health, so they can gain a lot of information about your level of pain and the possible causes, just by asking questions.

She will also physically examine your limbs, spine and other related areas of your body. A MRI or other diagnostic imaging will help them to understand what is causing your pain, so they can specifically address it.

Are non surgical treatments available?

Non surgical treatments are available and these may be able to help you. Doctors usually try to avoid unnecessary surgery, since every surgery carries some level of risk. They may offer injections to help with pain relief and in some cases, these are effective.

They may also put you on other types of medication that can reduce the amount of pain that you experience daily. While medication can help in the short term, physical therapy can provide you with significant benefits in the long term. Your doctor may utilize both in your treatment regimen.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

If physical therapy or medication isn’t giving you the results you desire, your doctor may recommend minimally invasive surgery. You can get more information about minimally invasive surgical alternatives at

Minimally invasive surgery uses microscopic incisions, so it reduces scarring. You’ll also recover more quickly from the surgery. It can be used to help with herniated discs and spinal stenosis. In fact, a wide range of spinal conditions can be treated with this type of surgery.

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