How To Find Reliable Healthcare Nurse Staffing Services

March 15, 2022 0 Comments

Highly trained and qualified critical nurses practical nurses, and nursing assistants are absolutely essential to proper patient care in acute care hospitals trauma centers, community-based hospitals, and other medical facilities. HR departments in these facilities can benefit from working with¬†accredited healthcare nurse staffing agencies such as UNI to fill vacant positions with skilled and carefully vetted professionals. For more information on their specialized and sought-after services, feel free to visit, United Nursing International Health Care Recruiters’ (UNIHCR) authoritative website, and click on the Healthcare Staffing & Nurse Staffing sections to understand how they can help meet your organization’s specific nurse staffing needs in a timely fashion.

Recruiting qualified personnel is a challenging and time-consuming task for the HR department in top healthcare facilities because the screening process needs to be very comprehensive and rigorous in order to adhere to the facility’s high standards of care. Choosing to work with a healthcare nurse staffing agency that complies with the Joint Commission’s standards of healthcare nurse staffing saves you valuable time that you can use for other pressing job responsibilities while you can rest assured that only the best professionals fill your vacancies. How the agency’s experienced recruiters perform the screening process and what background check procedures they use to ensure the safety of patients.

A top healthcare staffing agency runs an all-inclusive screening program to make sure that only the most qualified candidates make it to our team. The recruiters verify education and a license to practice, run drug tests, check health inclusion lists, validate employment history, check for any disciplinary charges or criminal background, and more. Keep in mind this comprehensive screening process is required by the Joint Commission. UNI has been recruiting for healthcare facilities since 1982 ensuring that all of the requirements established by the Joint Commission are properly met.

If you have any questions or concerns about the trusted, best-in-class healthcare nurse staffing services provided by United Nursing International Health Care Recruiters, do not hesitate to access UNI’s website to get contact information for any of its offices in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles California as well as in New Orleans, Louisiana or fill out the contact form. If your organization adheres to the highest standards of care, then working with a top nurse staffing agency like UNI is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure that your facility provides the quality of care that patients deserve.